February 07, 2016

Oliver is five months. I love five months. He’s giggly and smiley and completely immobile. A blubberball who’s content with me carrying him around wherever I go. In a blink of an eye it will all change…I’ll be chasing him for kisses and hugs and he’ll be too busy sword-fighting with his brothers and building mud piles with his big sis. So I will continue to hold him every second I can get.

And I think our weimi is a pretty big fan of this new babe of ours, too. ;)

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January 29, 2016

This little one is imaginative and curious. Her life is full of fairy gardens and letters to the “Borrowers”. I find tiny notes hidden in corners of our home, waiting for her secret friends to find and respond. I watch this girl and my heart bursts with joy. I hope she keeps that spark of imagination and magic for as long as she lives.

Some say there is not enough magic in this world. I say there is. You just have to look for it.


I pass by these little notes in the hallway or hiding behind the corner house plant.

when the Borrowers respond, the whole family celebrate.

Nov-15_0126 Nov-15_0128


their script is so tiny and kind of curly-cursive, so it takes a few tries to be able to read it.

she came up with a plan to magnify the letter with the camera phone zoomed in. ;)

Nov-15_0133and as soon as she finishes opening their package, she’s off to write them back.

January 26, 2016

This beautiful cousin of mine met her soulmate. Can’t wait to celebrate their special day this spring. And I hope their pup wears a doggie tux. ;)

Aria_Photography_001 Aria_Photography_002 Aria_Photography_003 Aria_Photography_004 Aria_Photography_005 Aria_Photography_005a Aria_Photography_006 Aria_Photography_007 Aria_Photography_008 Aria_Photography_008a Aria_Photography_008b Aria_Photography_009 Aria_Photography_010 Aria_Photography_010a Aria_Photography_011 Aria_Photography_012 Aria_Photography_014 Aria_Photography_018 Aria_Photography_019


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January 23, 2016

My two men.

Oliver @ 10 weeks old. There is nothing that melts the heart more than seeing your sweetheart hold, snuggle and care for baby.


(shot on Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 800 film)

Sacramento Photographer_Aria Photography_1

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