July 26, 2015

I am a sucker for parties. I wish there could be a reason to throw a festive bash every weekend. :)

P.S. You know you have a good hubby when he dresses up as a unicorn and lets a dozen little girls chase him around the yard.

Unicorn-Party_01 Unicorn-Party_02 Unicorn-Party_03 Unicorn-Party_04 Unicorn-Party_05 Unicorn-Party_06 Unicorn-Party_07 Unicorn-Party_08 Unicorn-Party_09 Unicorn-Party_10 Unicorn-Party_11 Unicorn-Party_12 Unicorn-Party_13 Unicorn-Party_14 Unicorn-Party_15 Unicorn-Party_16 Unicorn-Party_17 Unicorn-Party_18 Unicorn-Party_19 Unicorn-Party_20 Unicorn-Party_21 Unicorn-Party_22 Unicorn-Party_23 Unicorn-Party_24 Unicorn-Party_25 Unicorn-Party_26 Unicorn-Party_27 Unicorn-Party_28 Unicorn-Party_29 Unicorn-Party_30

June 29, 2015

So often I focus on the not-so-wonderful aspects of pregnancy, like the discomfort, nausea, the extra hot summer with this oven inside of me, and the fact that I look like a growing whale, and forget how miraculous this whole thing really is. Thanks to my hubby for capturing this time for me to remember. He was so sweet, letting me hand him my huge film camera as we played in the hills of our yard in the early morning light.

Contax 645, Fuji 400H

Aria-Photography-1 Aria Photography 2Aria Photography 3Aria Photography 4Aria Photography 5Aria-Photography-6

June 10, 2015

I got to spend the evening with these two in Salt Lake City, exploring the streets downtown and finishing at sunset on the hill at the Natural History Museum. I can’t wait to photograph this beautiful duo’s wedding this weekend in LA!

Aria-Photography_01 Aria-Photography_02 Aria-Photography_03 Aria-Photography_04 Aria-Photography_05 Aria-Photography_06 Aria-Photography_07 Aria-Photography_08 Aria-Photography_09 Aria-Photography_10 Aria-Photography_11 Aria-Photography_12

May 09, 2015

Just a peek of some of the film scans that came back from this beautiful wedding. Can’t wait to share more.

Aria Photography

Contax 645, Kodak Portra 400

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