the Big Top party!

Sydney had her first real birthday party, and it was a dream come true (mostly for me…nothing’s more fun than a carnival!). I’m thinking this needs to be an annual summer bash. :)

My THREE year old!

STEP RIGHT UP! We made it a family affair, so we had lots of helpful hands running the booths.

When the kids arrived, they picked up a sack to fill with tickets and prizes. Each ticket = 1 prize.

We let the kids running the booths decide how to hand out the tickets…I think this one produced the most, so it was a popular one. :)

the photo booth

The fishing pond was the favorite amongst the toddlers. I don’t think they cared about the rules or the tickets. By the end, half of them ended up swimming (instigated by a certain somebody….who ended up in her Birthday Suit by the end of the day).

The prize table! My sister, Malinda, made all the adorable banners. Her crafty talents are endless!

ping pong toss…

that was Max’s favorite booth

clown noses for everyone

and sticky fingers galore

watermellon-eating contest!

sack races

sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar

more silly faces

the invite, created by my talented friend, Kirstin!


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  1. Lissa

    August 23rd, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    What a beautiful party. You’re pictures made it look so nostalgic and peaceful and just pretty! Thank you for sharing. I’m thinking of doing something small but circussy (?) for my last baby’s first birtday. LOVEly invitation too!



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